Frequently Asked Questions


Do you integrate with versions of Basecamp prior to Basecamp 3?

Unfortunately, no. At this time we are only supporting Basecamp 3.

How come my projects aren't displaying?

You will need to sync your Basecamp data with MangoBoard to visualize the updates. We recommend syncing MangoBoard every morning to keep your board and timeline up to date.

What's the difference between free and premium?

With premium, you can create up to 10 boards and sync your projects for a longer period of time. For full details, take a look at our pricing chart.

Do you charge in Canadian Dollars (CAD)?

Yes, we do! Your credit card will automatically convert your currency to Canadian dollars. Unfortunately, MangoBoard has no control over the exchange rates provided by credit card companies.

Not all my users are showing up on the account, how do I give them access?

You will only see the users you have access to within Basecamp's own permissions. MangoBoard will only pull in actual account users and not other user types such as customers. Also, make sure you re-sync the board to have the latest data pulled from Basecamp.

Can I share boards with other members of my team?

Yes, you can share boards with other members. Just keep in mind that each member must have their own account. Board sharing along with task edits are also features we offer exclusively to our Premium members.

What's the difference between a board and a status?

To organize Basecamp projects/to-dos we use boards and statuses. A board is where you can organize your Basecamp projects, imagine a blank board if you will. The bigger overall picture. For example, let's say we want to organize our events. So we create a board called "Our Events". A status is a column in a board, which Basecamp projects are organized under. The smaller breakdown. In this example we'll create statuses such as 'Upcoming', 'Current', and 'Complete'. Once our statuses are created in our board we can then add projects to their correct column.

Can I sync my Basecamp to-dos to the MangoBoard?

Yes, MangoBoard has recently added the ability to organize and track your to-dos on boards as well. When creating a new board, select the to-do board type and pick and choose the projects and to-do lists that you want to sync. All active to-dos (including completed to-dos) will be synced. The current limits are 100 to-dos per to-do list.

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