MangoBoard categorizes your Basecamp projects/to-dos into boards and displays your to-dos and events in a timeline view for improved project tracking. Sync your MangoBoard data seamlessly with Basecamp in one click.



Boards (Projects)

Drag and drop your Basecamp projects into your custom boards to classify them into statuses and see them at a high level view for quick reporting.


Boards (To-dos)

Also on boards, you can now sync your to-dos from any of your projects and track their progress through different statuses.



Visualize your to-dos and events in a timeline with the flexibility to view them by assignees or basecamps.


MangoBoard    Permissions

MangoBoard integrates your current Basecamp 3 permissions. If you are a Basecamp account admin you can sync and arrange your projects as needed. Regular users will have view only permissions allowing them to see where projects are without accidentally making changes.

MangoBoard    Secure & Private

MangoBoard only accesses your Basecamp 3 projects through the secure API provided by Basecamp. No information is stored or released to third parties during the syncing process, and all requests must be authenticated using the OAuth 2 token from Basecamp. All your confidential information will remain secure and private.